Submitting Failed Transactions Using the Batch Process or How to Run a Re-Run Batch

I.  Resubmitting Failed Transactions After the Normal Batch

If you would like to submit your failed transactions immediately after running the Normal EFT batch, you are able to create a Re-Run batch from the failed transactions.  This Re-Run batch will only send the failed transactions from the Normal batch that was just submitted.

**Example:  If you submit transactions monthly on the 1st of the month, the Normal batch is created using the Scheduled Paydate = 12/1/2020 or BTWN 12/1/2020 - 12/31/2020. 

After the batch is finished processing, you will see a button on the top left of the batch to 'Create Batch from Failures' mceclip0.png .  You can also get to the button from Functions -> EFT -> Batches. Click the 'View' link next to the batch you would like to resubmit.

If you use this button to create a Re-Run batch, the failed transactions from this batch will pull into the Re-Run batch. 

If any transactions are paid or removed before creating the Re-Run this way WILL NOT be removed from the batch. 

II.  Resubmitting Failed Transactions after Payment is Made

If your club's policy is to contact the member for payment before resubmitting the batch, you should create your Re-Run batch from Functions -> EFT -> Create Batch.  Select the Scheduled Paydate range (the paydate range can be expanded to include all failures.  The batch type to select is 'Re-Run'.  This will ensure that only previously failed, unpaid transactions will pull into the Re-Run batch.

**Example:  Doe-John's Credit Card transaction failed in Batch 358 in the December 1st Normal Batch.  You contact the member and he provides another form of payment and the payment is made.  You will see Doe-John's payment is still failed in Batch 358.  This will never change.  However, if you create a new batch as a Re-Run batch, Doe-John will not pull into the batch because the payment was made after the original batch failure.

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