How Do I Run the Check-in Report for Silver Sneakers?

Silver Sneakers requires Name, Date and Time of Visit, number of Check-ins and Subscriber ID.  You should be identifying Silver Sneakers members in your system either by Member Type or by Membership Type.

The Subscriber ID is entered on the Billing Info page under 'Health Insurance'.  You only need to enter the Subscriber ID on this page.  No other data fields are necessary for Silver Sneakers.

The report you submit to Silver Sneakers is found under Reports -> Check-in-> Member Check-in Details.  Be sure to update the 'Toolbox' mceclip0.png and enable 'Subscriber ID' as a column you need to display.

Select 'Custom Query';

Enter the Check-in Date Range;

Select 'Silver Sneakers' from the Member Type drop down (if applicable)

Select the Silver Sneakers membership type from the Membership Type drop down (if applicable)

Click Search.

You can download the report to Excel and delete any columns not required by Silver Sneakers and Submit.

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