Memberships - How to Cancel a Membership with a Free Class Package

If your Members have access to free classes with their membership, it may have been 'bundled' to the membership when it was sold.  When the Member cancels their membership, the free class package must also be closed. 

Here are the steps to cancel both membership and the associated package:

1.  Cancel the Membership

Quick Functions -> Memberships.  Enter the last name of your Member and Search

Hover over Membership Actions and click the 'Cancel' button to bring up the membership cancellation form;


  1. Enter a cancel date.  Use the current date for an immediate cancellation.  Enter a date in the future for a 'pending cancel'.
  2. Select 'YES'.  If the membership is still within Term, the remaining balance of the contract will create an open balance.  Selecting 'YES' will clear the remaining balance.  **NOTE ~ if the member is being sent to collections for the remaining balance of their contract, this setting should be 'NO'.
  3. Select a cancel reason.  **Add some cancel reasons.  In the drop down menu, select <add new> to enter cancel reasons.  You can use the Membership Cancel Report to study the reasons why your members cancel and work on ways to improve your churn rate.
  4. Enter any notes or Admin initials
  5. Click 'Cancel Membership'

The next screen will take you to the Open service package that must also be cancelled.

In the Action column, click the 'Cancel' link


This will bring up the Service Package cancellation form.


  1. Enter the cancellation date in the 'Effective Date' field.  Use the current date for an immediate cancellation.  Enter a date in the future for a 'pending cancel'.
  2. For a Free Class package, 'Clear Open Balance' and 'Clear Remaining Balance' should be $0.00.  These two settings remain 'No'.
  3. If the member has any class Appointments on the calendar, you can remove future appointments by selecting 'Yes'.  If you do not know, you can select 'Yes'.
  4. Enter a reason
  5. Click 'Cancel Package'.


The next screen confirms the 'Pending Cancel' if the Cancel date is in the future. 

Click to Continue.  You will be taken back to the Membership.  For an immediate cancellation, the Member Status AND Membership status will be Inactive. 

If the Member status is Active, go to Quick Functions -> Services, enter the Member's last name and Search.  They may have other packages that you need to handle.




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