How do I Import Checkins via a Data File

Step 1: Create the file containing checkin data

  • Please note that duplicate records will be skipped.
  • DATA FORMAT: ShapeCardID{TAB}ClubCardID{TAB}LastName{TAB}FirstName{TAB}ClubId{TAB}ClubName{TAB}Date{TAB}Time 
    • ShapeCardID - Members Shape Card ID
    • ClubCardID - Members Shape Card ID
    • LastName - Members Last Name
    • First Name - Members First Name
    • ClubID - This is the client code which can be found under tools/facility info/select/search/details/copy the checkin UID for Methods for example is TEST-000001
    • Club Name - Enter the club's Name (also found under Facility Info) in our example it is Method Fitness
    • Date - Enter the date the member checked in MM/DD/YYYY
    • Time - Enter the time the member checked in for example 4:25 AM
  • Save the file as a single TAB-DELIMITED txt file.
  • The maximum file size of the file is 2MB.


Step 2: Upload the file to process the checkins

Tools/Data Import/Import Checkin Data

 Click the Browse... button to locate the file on your computer.

  • Select the file and click the OPEN button.
  • Once the dialog box closes, click the Upload & Validate File.
  • If errors appear address the errors For example it may show
    • Row 3: Swipe Card ID is not assigned to anyone in Shape: SwipeCardId[AA2252]
  • Once the file is ok under STEP 2 you will see a similar message  
    • 2 records were successfully read from the file: samplecheckinimportmethod_20191119112147.txt. Please click the APPLY CHECKINS button.  
  • APPLY THE  CHECKINS - click the Apply Checkins button to process the data into your Shape System.
  • If the file was successful you will see a similar response
  • Successful Update
    • There were [2] successful checkins uploaded out of [2] possible. There were [0] duplicates that were skipped and [0] failures. File: [methodmembercheckinimport2_20191119105404.txt]. Please view the audit log to view failures.
  • Failures
    • To Review the failures if any go to reports/audit/system audit trail
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