How to Operate Cash Drawers by Department



This feature gives you the ability to default Cash Drawers by department.  If an Administrator is assigned to a department, the cash drawer will default to that department at the point of sale screen.


Steps to operate Cash Drawers by Department


  1. Add Administrator
  • Quick Functions -> Add User
  • Drop User Type down to select Administrator
  • Select Group
  • Enter First Name and Last Name
  • Gender
  • Select Security Template (Tennis Dept)
  • Select Department (Tennis Dept) - To add new departments, select <Add New> and enter the department name into the pop up window and Save

**If Administrator is already Shape, simply edit the Administrator record and select the appropriate department.

  • Quick Functions -> User
  • Select ‘Administrator’ from the User Type drop down
  • Enter Administrator’s last name and Search
  • Click the ‘Details’ link in the Actions column
  • Click the Edit icon
  • Select the appropriate Department and Save


  1. Assign Cash Drawers and set the defaults for each department
  • Functions -> Point of Sale
  • Cash Drawers
  • Click 'Select' button next to View Cash Drawers
  • In the Action column, click the 'Edit' link
  • In the 'New Description' field, enter the name of the Cash Drawer (ordinarily, this should match the department name)
  • Select the appropriate Department from the drop down list for the Department field
  • Enable the box 'Set as default POS Cash Drawer for this department.

When the Administrator takes a payment at POS, the Cash Drawer will default to the department they were assigned on their Administrator record.

**Note - If no department is assigned under the Administrator record, no Cash Drawer will default.  You can still allow a general Cash Drawer default for Administrators not assigned to departments (ex., Managers)

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