Reverse Payment - Membership (Refunds)

If you need to reverse a payment on a membership, the action is performed from the membership.  

1.  Quick Functions -> Memberships

2.  Enter the Last name (and first initial) of the Member and Search

3.  Hover over Membership Actions and click the 'Reverse Payment' box;

4.  You can 'Return' a payment that has previously been taken through Shape or manually enter a reverse amount in the 'Reverse Amount' field.  **The amounts at this point are PRE-TAX amounts.


The example above is for a Member who has a monthly billing rate of $99, but pays $103.70 each month.  This Member has additional Membership Service Fees that they pay monthly. 

1.  If you wanted to reverse a partial payment only, you could enter the amount in the Reverse Amount field and continue or;

**Note ~ If taking a partial payment, you must remember to account for the open balance you create by taking the balance due as a No Charge or Write Off Payment Type.

2.  Click the 'Return' link next to the last payment taken.  This will open up an itemized list of the fees taken.  You have the ability to return 1 or all items taken in the purchase by unchecking the item.


When you are satisfied with your return transaction, click the green Submit button at the bottom of the page.  This will take you to the  Point of Sale screen where you complete the transaction.

The payment that the original payment was taken on will populate.  It is best to use the same payment type.




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