Memberships - Adding Cancellation Reasons

It is a good idea to enter 'Cancellation Reasons' for your Memberships.  Your Cancellation report (Reports -> Memberships -> Membership Cancel Report) becomes more meaningful to know why your Members are cancelling.

You can add Cancellation Reasons to any Member to add them to the database.

1.  Quick Functions -> Memberships

2.  Enter the Member's last name (perhaps 1st initial to narrow your search) and Search

3.  Hover over the Membership Actions and click on the 'Cancel' box


4.  Next to the 'Reason' field, select from the drop down <Add New>.  **Note ~ this is a pop up field.  If you click on <Add New>, check to make sure the pop-up is not being blocked.  Select 'Always Allow' and the pop-up window will appear.  Enter as many reasons as you wish and they will be available for selection when cancelling a membership.



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