How to configure Videos on the member portal


If you have videos on YouTube, Vimeo or any video hosting site, you can upload those videos into Shape for your Members to view from the Member Portal or Mobile App.

Adding Videos to Shape

Functions -> Member Portal -> Videos

Click the 'Add Video' symbol on the left of your screen


Enter a Title* ~ ex. Abdominal Crunch

Enter an Author* ~ this can be the performer or your club name

Video Filename* ~ yoga1.wmv,


Video URL* ~

**NOTE - Either Video Filename or Video URL should be entered, but not both

Create a Category.  Select the <Add New> and enter your Categories. ~ Pilates, Cardio, Spinning etc.

Intensity ~ Low, Medium, High

Duration ~ 5 - 10 minutes, 15 - 20 minutes, etc

Member Portal Tile Category ~ Video 1, Video 2, Video 3.  Video tiles are renamed under Tools -> System Settings -> Member Portal Settings

Browse for an image to match the video, upload, enter a Description

The thumbnail size is 450 x 300.

Add Video


Copy and paste the URL of your video into the Video URL field.

Youtube URL ~

Remove 'watch?' and '=' to create the URL seen below.  This is the URL you will use.

Shape URL ~

Recorded videos from Google Meet

To get the video URL that you upload to Shape:

In Google Drive

Recordings save to the meeting organizer’s My Drive > Meet Recordings folder. However, if the organizer changes or if the meeting occurs outside of the scheduled Calendar time, the recording link is sent to the original event creator.
To share a recording:

  1. Select the file Share
  2. Or, click Link paste the link in an email or chat message.

Number 2 creates a URL link that is uploaded to ShapeNet


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