How the Class Waitlist Works

Class Capacity must be entered on the class when added to the Schedule Matrix.  When capacity is reached in the class, each additional Member can be added to the Waitlist from the Administrator portal.  A Member has the option of 'Joining the Waitlist' from the Member Portal or the Mobile App.   If a spot opens up, the first Member added to the Waitlist will automatically be added to the class.  They will be sent an email to let them know they've been added.

I.  From the Administrator Portal

1.  Add Class the Scheduler

  • Quick Functions -> Sched Matrix
  • Right click on Date, Trainer and Time of the scheduled class
  • Select the 'Classes' radial button in the blue field
  • Select the Class Type from the drop down that appears below in the yellow field
  • Enter your capacity for the class
  • Perm Appt Yes/No
  • Select 'Weeks Repeated' 
  • Select the 'Days of the Week this class repeats during the week
  • Add Location

 2.  Add Members to Class

  • When capacity is reached in the class, the next Member added with return the message
    "Class is full. Member will be added to the waiting list."


  • Add the Member to the class to manually add to the waitlist


  • The Member is added to the Waitlist.  The Administrator has the ability to 'Add to Class' if they would like, ignoring the current capacity
  • This ability is a security setting found under Tools -> Security -> Templates



II.  From the Member Portal

  • When the Member logs into the Member Portal/Mobile App to register, they will see a link to 'Join Waiting List'


  • If the Member joins the waitlist, they have the option to remove their name as long as they are still within the cancellation window established under Tools -> System Settings -> Scheduled Appointment Settings -> Member Online Registration ‑ Class cancel cut‑off (hours)
  • If a Member already scheduled to be in the class cancels or no shows, the first Member added to the waitlist will automatically be placed in the class.  
  • The Member added to the waitlist will be sent an email letting them know they have been added to the class along with the class details


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