How to Assign Brivo Users to a Single Group Instead of All Groups

You may have several User Groups that need access to the Brivo Door System.  When you add a new Member into Shape, all of these User Groups are enabled and have to be unchecked one - by - one.  


The way ShapeNet code works is that new Brivo users are assigned to all groups that do not have the word "staff" in the group name.  This is hard-coded and cannot be modified by the end user.

If you want all your users to be assigned to only one group by default, you will have to change the names of all the other groups by adding the word "staff" to the names of the groups.

For example, if you only want your new Members to be assigned to 'Club Members', all of the other groups must have the work 'Staff' in it.

To update the Group Name:

Log into your Brivo OnAir Account.

Users -> Groups.

Click on the Group you need to edit.

Click the button for 'Edit Group'.

Update the Group name and click 'Save Group' or 'Save Group and Continue'.


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