Bambora/Beanstream Reverse Payments, Returns, Adjustments and Voids

Returns, adjustments, and voids

There is an important distinction between Voids and Returns. A Void can only be done for the full transaction amount, and must be completed before the credit card company posts the purchase to the credit card owner’s account. Voided transactions do not show on the customer’s statement.

A Return can be processed at any time, for any amount, up to the full purchase value. Use the Return option to process a full or partial refund.

Process a return or void in the Online Reporting area

  1. Log in to the Online Member Area
  2. On the menu, click reporting/analysis and then click one of the following to find the original purchase:
    • transaction report: Opens a list of transactions by date, with several other search options.
    • transaction search: Filter by Date Range, multiple search criteria, and formatting options.
  3. After you list the transactions, select the line item for the purchase you want to adjust.
  4. Find Transaction Details at the bottom of the page.
  5. Click Return Transaction.

  1. Choose either Void Transaction, or Return Transaction. Void will cancel the transaction, return will allow you to select a portion of the transaction or the whole amount.
  2. Click Process. When the transaction is complete, a confirmation page opens.

Because this transaction was performed outside of Shape, you will have to update Shape to reflect the refund.

  1. Log into Shape and go to Quick Functions -> Memberships
  2. Enter the Member's last name and Search
  3. Hover over Membership Actions and click 'Reverse Payment'
  4. Enter the pre-tax amount to be reversed and Continue
  5. The reverse data will download from the payment taken, change the payment type to 'Tracking Only (payment taken outside of Shape)

This will reverse the amount taken as payment in your Financial Transactions.

You can also click on Send Email Receipt to send your customer a receipt.

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