Financial Reports

This Knowledge Base article lists the available financial reports and how to use them.

Auto Correction Credit Cards - Open Edge will correct most VISA and Mastercard credit cards if your Member received a new card or the expiration date has changed.  AMEX does not participate in this program.  If the card is correctable in the gateway, the payment will be processed.  The changes made to the card will be updated on the Member's Billing Info page.

This report displays 

  • Transaction date
  • Member Name
  • Old Exp Date
  • New Exp Date
  • Old CC Last 4
  • New CC Last 4
  • Amount of Transaction

Contract Log - Memberships - Displays data on monthly memberships

Contracts Log - Services - Displays data on service packages that bill monthly

EFT Analyzer - Display data on money collected and declined in EFT batches.

EFT Failed Transactions - Displays payments that failed in EFT batches.  Ability to mass email and generate invoices Members.

Employee Payroll - Displays amount owed to employees based on Employee Checkins.  Hourly rate is set up under Employee Details.

Expense Summary - If you are tracking your expenses through Shape, this report will show your vendor expenditures.

Financial Receivables Today - Displays financial transactions processed for today.

Financial Summary - High level data on financial transactions.  This report breaks down money received by each payment type (credit card, ACH, cash etc.), by Income Category, by Membership or Service Type, by EFT, Counter sales.

Financial Summary Comparison - High
level data comparing two time periods.  For example, if you would like to see financial data collected during the Spring Quarter compared to last year's Spring Quarter.

Financial Transactions - Detailed data on financial transactions by Member including reversals, bill later accounts.  Ability to filter on payment type, income category, date ranges, account numbers.

First Scheduled Payment Default - This report details members that are late with their 2nd payment. 

Forecasted Revenues - Displays the amount forecasted from membership sales for the year.

Income vs. Expenses by Income Category - If you are recording your Expenses through Shape, this report will display quarterly income minus expenses to present your profits by Income Category.

Income vs. Expenses by Revenue Stream - This report will display quarterly income minus expenses to present your profits by Revenue Stream (Membership, Services or Counter sales)

Member Expenditure Report - This report displays how much each Member has spent in your club by revenue stream.

Membership Add Charges Report  - This report allows you to see any additional fees charged to your Members (Annual Fees, Late Fees, Collections Fees, Card Fees)

New Membership Financials - Displays new membership financials.  New memberships include Re-opens.

Open Balances (Combined) - Displays Members with an Open Balance for Membership, Service and Counter sales.  Ability to Mass Email, Mass Text and Generate Invoices.

Open Balances (Membership)  - Displays Members with an Open Balance for Membership.  Ability to Mass Email, Mass Text, Generate Invoices, and send to Collections.

Open Balances (POS) -  Displays Member with an Open Balance for their Counter sales.  Ability to Mass Email, Mass Text and Generate Invoices.

Pre-Paid Open Balances - If a Member has a Pre-paid account, displays the amount remaining  in the account as well as any purchases that have been made.

POS Analysis Report - Displays products sold and the profit made based on cost vs. price.

Sales Commission Tracking - Displays Sales Reps and the amount of Commission to be paid.

Statements - Ability to mass email statements to Members with Services

Trainer Payroll - Shows Trainer Payroll based on the sessions completed and the settings under Trainer Details page.  

Trainer Payroll Summary - Shows a more detailed report for Trainer Payroll.  Includes Member name, classes and Members in the class

Unused Session Report - Displays sessions purchased by Member.  How many sessions the Member has used and how many the club is still liable for to complete.



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