Login's and Password's

Logins and Passwords


Admin or Trainer Login

Their login will be lastname-firstname

their password will be their last name

Once that Admin or Trainer logs in, the system will then prompt them to change it.

If the forget the password, it can be reset at the login screen by selecting the lock.  An email will be sent with a temporary password.


When an admin enters a Member

 The Member’s Login is his  lastname-firstname.

PW is generated by Shapenet, it contains the member’s lastname and a unique identifier number

The member is sent an email with the password

they can change it by logging into the member portal and selecting forgot password

or an admin can change it Functions>users>access control


When a Non-Member joins from the portal

the login is lastname-firstname

and the PW they create during the purchase process.


NOTE : Please do not use the special character "&" sign. The system does not recognize this and the password will not work.

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