Virtual Workouts

Purpose - You can create Virtual Workouts that your Members can use when they are not being trained in your facility.  Virtual Workouts can be used for:

  • Members recovering from surgery and cannot make it to the facility for a while
  • Members who are on vacation or extended leave
  • Members who request additional training

You will create a Workout Library of various workouts from which to choose for your Members.  You can also upload reference materials specific to the Member's needs, i.e., work outs for hypertension, diabetes, joint pain and heart conditions.

Once you assign the Virtual Workout to the Member, they simply log into the Member Portal and click the Virtual Workout tile. 

Steps for setting up Virtual Workouts

1.  Define your Categories for the Workout Library

  • Tools -> System Settings -> Field Definitions -> Workout Library

         Enter the Category (ex. Cardio, Upper Body, Lower Body, Joint Pain) and click 'Add New'.


2.  Create your Workout Library

  • Functions -> Member Portal -> Workout Library

        Click the symbol to 'Add to Workout Library'


  • Select a Category, give your workout a name, define the workouts for each day, click 'Add New'.


3.  Assign the Workout to your Member.

Functions-Member Portal-Virtual Workouts

Enter the members last name


Click the plus icon under the Action column (far left) next to the members name

Choose a workout from the workout library

click continue

You can edit the exercise by day, assign a reference material ( ex URL on how to do the exercise ect)

Click Save Changes

They can now view this workout while logged into their member portal when clicking on Virtual Workout. 


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