Release 8310 Notes August 2018

The following updates were applied to your system on:8/1/2018
Number of releases to date in 2018: 3


ENORMOUS and FAB CHANGE - On the regular check-in screen, you now have the ability to check-in all your secondaries or tertiaries when the parent checks in.

When making a purchase online, we added additional measures to assure the submit button is not duplicated by a prospect - Once the submit button is selected, it will disappear.

New members emails are working as they should- the member will receive two. 1st to thank them for the purchase and the 2nd with login information to the member portal. This can be turned off under tools system setting non-member settings send new member confirmation email

Insurance Policy information is encrypted once you go to tools/system settings/compliance settings/click Encrypt PHI Data. Hippa Compliance

Members can see the schedule in a monthly view. Tools/system settings/Member portal settings/Default Schedule Display (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly)

 Members can once again change their passwords from the member portal - Login to portal, choose my info, choose change password PW

Open Edge now has the ability to see the name of the person whose ACH transaction failed. This can be viewed from the OE Portal.

2nd ENORMOUS and FAB CHANGE - The Child Watch is now a part of the parent's check-in screen - Photos of all the children with child watch will have a check box to check in. This allows the front desk to check everyone in under just one screen.

You have the ability to select what you want to see in the Check-in Screen. Tools-system settings � check-in settings � select what you want to see or remove those you rather not.

If you want to see the financials at a glance, you should be seeing the Owner Summary Report - Reports - Misc/Stats - Owner Summary Report it now has the ability to enter a date range.


Excellent new features!

Parent Membership can now be linked to a specific secondary membership making it easier for the family to join the facility through the member portal. Reach out to Client Support for assistance with this.

New Members can use gift cards to purchase a membership online if enabled Tools/system settings/Non-Member Settings/Allow Pay by Gift Card.

Multi-facility check-ins on the member portal are now showing the member the location they checked into.

SMS messages can now be seen from the contact history - They are located at the bottom of contact history and can also be seen in the Audit.

Duplicate charges for the same credit cards have now been addressed with Open Edge. This is best utilized by adding the Responsible billing Party to the secondary. Go to the secondary�s billing page and choose who is the responsible billing party.

Please note that after 3 consecutive erroneous login attempts, the system will lock you out and an admin must unlock your id from the access control function. Hippa Compliancy

Now there is the ability to disable the setting for the 29, 30, and 31st as a default payment date. Tools System Settings � Membership Settings.

when searching for a Frozen service pkg make sure you select "all members"

Weekly membership has removed the billing date option. Billing date will default to 1 week from the start date.

If you have our Texting services, you will have new functionality to help you connect with your clients easily through auto texting capabilities. Contact Cathy Price at Client Support to get started.

Look for a more intuitive sorting of the Functions buttons and Quick Functions. View and Find have been removed.

Reports you can now Download�

Reports � Misc. Stats � Demographics Reports � Reports Marketing Birthday Reports � Training � Member Packages 

Want to engage more with your members, contact us regarding the new Texting Service and setting up your Member Portal to sell memberships, services, POS and schedule.

Are you sitting on old accounts that never paid, let us show you how to send members to collections right from Shape. Or we can manage it for you!


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