How do I create a Gift Certificate Product

1.  Create your Gift Certificate as a Point of Sale item

  • Functions -> Point of Sale -> Add Product
  • Enter a UPC Code or let the House generate one
  • Set a Priority Level (optional)
  • Quantity in Stock
  • Re-order threshold
  • Cost
  • Price (For a Gift Certificate, you may want to leave this at $0 to allow for various denominations.  You will override the price at the time of purchase.)
  • Allow Bill Later (allows the Member to buy now, pay later)
  • Allow Complimentary
  • Apply Primary Tax (Federal)
  • Apply Secondary Tax (State)
  • Apply Tertiary Tax (Municipal)
  • Member Can View (allows the item to be sold online through the Member Portal)
  • Short Description
  • Long Description
  • Product Category
  • Income Category
  • Upload an Image
  • Save

2.  Selling the Gift Certificate

  • Quick Functions -> View Catalog
  • Click 'Add to Cart' next to the desired item
  • Quick Menu -> Check Out (1 item)
  • From the 'Select Purchaser' drop down, find your Member by entering the last name or card ID and Search
  • Select the Member
  • To override the price, click the $ in the Actions column


  • Enter the amount of the Gift Certificate
  • Enter a reason.  You may want to enter the Gift Certificate number in this area
  • Select Cash Drawer
  • Select Payment Type or 'Bill Me Later' if Member is putting certificate on account
  • Submit

3.  Using the Gift Certificate

  • The friend or family Member brings in the Gift Certificate to pay for Membership, Services or Product
  • Purchase the Membership, Service or Product
  • On the Point of Sale screen, select 'Gift Certificate' from the Payment Type drop down
  • Submit



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