How to Renew a Membership

For Term Memberships Only - Set up

1.  Tools -> System Settings -> Membership Settings

"AddOn Membership Renew ‑ Use Clients Current Rate:" If enabled, this setting will charge the same rate at renewal as when the Member initially purchased their membership.  If you need to override the rate amount, DO NOT enable this setting.

2.  Tools -> System Settings -> Member Portal Settings

"Member can renew their membership with 30 days of expiry::  If enabled, the Member will not be able to renew their membership until 30 days before membership expiration.  If you allow the Member to renew at any time, DO NOT enable this setting.

3.  Functions -> Memberships -> View Types

To allow the renewal of a membership online, "Member Can Renew Online:" should be set to YES.

Renewing - Administrator Portal

**You may want to run this from the pre-written queries 'Expiring - Current Month (Active)' or 'Expiring - Next Month (Active)

1.  Quick Functions -> View Memberships.  Enter the Last Name and First few initials of desired membership;

2.  Hover over Membership Actions and click the 'Renew' button;

3.  The new Start Date will default with a Start Date = Term Date of existing membership.  All of the terms will renew with the previous membership terms. 


**You can only override the Term Date when renewing a membership.  If you are renewing the membership under different terms, this is considered an Upgrade/Downgrade.

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