How To Set Up the Member Portal

To set up the member portal follow the steps below


First You need to make the things you sell available to sell online, this is done from the Membership TYPE, Service Type, or POS product

functions>memberships>edit type

check off in each type that you want to sell on line - can purchase on line-yes

Do the same for services and products that you sell from POS products



Tools>>System Settings>>Member Portal Settings

  1. Check the option for "Enable New Member Portal:"
  2. Check the option for "2017 Member Portal:"
  3. You will need to select a background color or upload an image from your website. Please check the settings. The default color is white and will not be visible."Select Background Color Options and choose a color.


Tools > System Settings >online purchase settings

  1. Change the following to YES – otherwise your member will not have access to the portal.

Allow Member/Non-Member Self Check-Out:


Allow Non-Member Online Membership Purchase:


Allow Non-Member Online Service Purchase:


Allow Non-Member Online POS Purchase:



From tools>system settings>member portal settings and Non member settings

review the options for how you want to customize the portal.


Then use the following links to link your website to the portal.

Use these URLs to direct the user to your shape site. You can add these links to your facebook or website or any other social media you would like.


Member Login


Purchase a Membership


Purchase a Service


Join Mailing List


Purchase a Guest Membership


View Class Schedule


You can also have the link go to a specific Service Package or Membership type if you would like.

here is an example

In the above example, type= the name of your membership type, this will link them directly to a one page purchase form for that exact membership type.

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