Class Registration Process for FREE Classes

If you offer free classes but need a way to control the capacity, the 'Class Self Check-in' is your answer.  Your Member does not need to own a Training Package to check into these classes.

Add your classes to the calendar as usual - Adding Classes to the Scheduler.

1.  Log into Shape and go to Functions -> Checkin -> Class Self Check-in.

2.  The Checkin Calendar will only display classes in 4 hour increments to prevent early registration.

3.  The Trainer clicks into the desired class to open the registration.

4.  The Member can scan their checkin card or register by typing in their last name.

5.  Apply Checkin.

This action checks them into the Class.  This does not check them into the facility.


Reports -> Training -> Class Attendance

**NOTE:  If your Instructors do not normally log into Shape, you can create a generic Checkin Administrator that all Instructors can use to log in.



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