Reach out to Members that haven't used their training sessions in x number of days

  1. Functions, Marketing, Retention, but chose Report # 2 – Last Training Date Analysis.
    • If Custom Query use Last Training Date to indicate how far back in time you want to query
    • Use a trainer’s last name to limit to a specific trainer’s client list (from the User Profile Trainer assignment)
    • Members status – go after active or inactive members
  2. Click Search

Recommended Use of Results

  • Use list for phone campaign
  1. Right Click Member Details - open new tab
  2. Work client, call, message, enter call notes into Log_Contact(within Tab)
  3. Close Tab
  4. Go to next item
  • Email - "Generate Mass Email"
  • Mailing labels - “Generate Mail Labels", this option can also be used to export mailing information to Excel
  • Download List,into a CSV file, Name, key dates, status, phone, adders, city, state, email (search KB on CSV for instructions for opening with Excel)
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