Creating and managing memberships for a Corporate Account

How to build/manage memberships for a Corporate account where the employee accounts have scheduled payments , but the Corporation pays the bill?

  1. Create a Membership Type for employees of the corporation.
  2. Add the Corporation as a Member and enter their preferred billing account information.  Make sure the Preferred EFT Preference for Memberships is set to = Primary Credit card or Bank Account.


     3.  Add each Member (employee) of the corporation and purchase the new membership type created             for the corporation.  

     4.  On the member's Billing Page, update the Responsible Billing Party from the Member to the    

          Corporation.  To do this, remove the Member's name from the Responsible Billing Party field and 

          start typing the Corporation's name.  When you see the name, select it and click 'Update'.



This will copy the Corporations billing information over to the employees billing page.

**Repeat the purchase steps for each employee of the Corporation.

If creating an EFT Batch the members will populate under their own name with the Billing Preference being used of the corporation

To Invoice the Corporation ~

1.  Quick Functions -> View Memberships - enter last name of the Corporation;
2.  Hover over Membership Actions click on Group Invoice;
3.  You can either Generate Invoices for Printing or Generate Invoices for Email.  Generating an invoice for printing will create a PDF file that can be emailed to the Corporation.  Generating an invoice for email will email payment information immediately.  You will not have the opportunity to view the email.  This process is similar to emailing the receipt to the member.


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