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When ACH (echeck) transactions are submitted through ShapeNet, the transaction will go through.  This refers to both a batch and a POS payment.


eCheck transactions will not settle for 2-4 days. They can be returned in 4 days.

Therefore, all ACH transactions must be checked for FAILS.

If there is a FAIL, then the user must go into ShapeNet and reverse the transaction (bypass the gateway).


The site to check for failures is;


You will need to discuss with Open Edge login and site directory. 


Once you log into the Open Edge URL to check for failures it will look like the below;


  1.  Get the Last 4 of the DDA NUMBER (see image above) - this is the Users Bank Account Number.
  2. From your Shape Net System go to Reports >> Audit >> System Audit Trail


  • Function = Billing
  • Sub Function = Add or Modify (if set to one and nothing returns on the query set it to the other and search again)
  • Minimum date = set this out a couple of years
  • Message contains = Add the last 4 digits of the Bank Number (from the image above the last 4 digits of the DDA number
  • Search
  • The query will include the name of the Member that the Bank Account Belongs to

See Image below;




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