How do I change a membership scheduled payment rate for many clients?

How do I change a membership scheduled payment rate for many clients?

 The Power Rate Adjustor function would be a good solution.

  •  Tools, System Settings, Power Rate Adjustor

This function allows you to search for a list of clients and easily change the Period Rate for SPECIFIC SCHEDULED PAYMENTS. Run the query and select the payments that you would like to change, specify an amount to change it to and a reason (for audit purposes). Only the scheduled payments listed AND selected are modified. Additionally, only the RATE value of the payment is changed. EXAMPLE: This function can be used to reward clients that use your facility a certain amount every month. Find those clients that checked into your club at least 12 times last month and set their upcoming payment from $39.99 to $19.99.


  1. Functions, Memberships, Power Rate Adjuster
  2. Select checkin date or date range
  3. Select scheduled payment date or date range to update
  4. Set the Membership or Member type to pull scheduled payments from proper Memberships
  5. Set status… (likely Active)
  6. Set the formula for # of checkins in the defined period that need to be pulled….
    • for example, if you are lowering the rates of folks who own the xyz membership that have checked in more than 9 times set the formula to Checkins > 9…
  7. Click Search
  8. Enter the new rate, and the reason
  9. Use the check all box at the top of the detail list, or check/uncheck individually
  10. Click Adjust Rate Amount


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