Open Edge - How to Run an EFT Batch

Open Edge - How to Run an EFT Batch


  1. Functions, EFT, Create Batch
  2. Set parameters for batch
  3. Once the batch is correct, or if you have made any changes make sure to click the button SAVE CHANGES TO THIS PAGE, once that is done or that step is not needed click the button PROCESS EFT
  4. Click on VIEW BATCHES
  5. Click SUBMITT
  6. Click on VIEW BATCHES again
  7. On the view batches page you will see in real time in a column provided when the items are being processed.  If a client fails you will see that as well.
  8. Once the processing is completed so is your batch

**ONLY RUN ONE BATCH AT A TIME.  Once each transaction for the first batch shows as either Processed or Failed you can then run another batch making sure that each transaction is completed then you can run the next and so forth**

If you have any questions please open a ticket with Client Services, Mon-Fri 8am - 8pm Eastern Time by clicking on the following link;

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