Multi-Facility Checkin - How can I run a report to show all locations?

Multi-Facility Checkin Activity is reported at the main checkin location. To check the main location, do the following:

Tools>>Facility Information

Select View Facilities

Search on All Facilities

The facility marked as "Is Checkin Base" will be your main checkin facility.


While logged into the main checkin facility, run the following steps:

Functions>>Checkin>>Multi-Facility Checkin Activity

Set the search criteria

Results will display members and their home facility.

This report is only updated with checkins at the main checkin location, but will display other home locations.


To run checkin activity from all locations:

Functions>>Checkin>>Checkin Activity

Custom query

Set the HOME location to any location or ALL

The checkin details will show the Checkin location as well as the Home location.


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