Using Confirmation Pin Code and Troubleshooting Confirmation Pin Code

To enable Member Confirmation Pin Codes to mark appointments as DONE you will need to follow the below steps;

If you would like to turn on the DONE appointment setting to require a Confirmation PIN, you have two options ; 1 on 1 sessions, and Group Training

Step A

  1. Tools - System Settings - Scheduled Appointment Settings
  2. Done action requires member confirmation ‑ 1‑on‑1: set this to = YES
  3. Done action requires member confirmation ‑ Group training: set this to = YES NOTE - Both do not need to be turned on, if you only want to use for example the confirmation pin for 1 on 1 (PT) sessions you would only select YES for "Done" action requires member confirmation ‑ 1‑on‑1"

Step B - Setting the Confirmation Pin

  1. View members - XXXX-XXXX
  2. from actions column click on "conformation pin"
  3. enter new pin: XXXX
  4. click on "Save conformation pin"

Step C - Using the Confirmation Pin

  1. Go to the Schedule Matrix
  2. Schedule appointment with trainer, once scheduled - click on the appointment on the sched matrix
  3. Click done
  4. Enter Confirm Pin XXXX (the one you just created in the above steps - step B)
  5. Click Confirm - appointment will go through and be marked as DONE as requested

NOTE - An administrator with the correct security set can OVERRIDE the Confirmation Code if the client forgets the code, or if a client does not have a pin assigned to their member details.

To give an administrator security to Override Confirmation Code when marking an appointment as done, or to remove this security from an administrator the following security needs to be marked as such;

1. Expand Functions
2. Expand Scheduler
A. OVERRIDE_MEMBER_APPT_CONFIRMATION - to give the Admin the ability to override the confirm pin make sure that this box is CHECKED off.
B. OVERRIDE_MEMBER_APPT_CONFIRMATION - to remove this ability from an admin make sure that this box is left UNCHECKED


Troubleshooting Confirmation Pin Code

  1. Make sure that the confirmation pin is being changed properly. Refer to Step B above.

  2. Is the confirmation pin being changed at one computer and then marking the appointment "done" at another computer? If so before marking the appointment as done at a different computer; log off of that computer then log back in and then mark the session as "done"

  3. Is Step A above set up properly?
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