Drip Email Marketing

DRIP Email Marketing is a marketing strategy that sends, or "drips," a pre-written set of email messages  to customers or prospects over time.

The timing of the messages is triggered by a pre- determined action.  (For example after a membership is purchased, you can drip email your new customer saying, "Come in and schedule your first PT session".)

To create a Drip Email Template:

Go to Functions -> Marketing -> Email and select View Email Template or Add Email Template from the drop down.

  • View Email Template - You can use an existing email template to use as a drip.  You can turn the 'New Member Welcome' email into a drip after adding customized text or images that will send "1" day after purchasing a new membership;
  • Add Email Template - You can create a new email template with customized text and/or images.

Whether you are using an existing template or creating a new template, click the 'Drip Email' link from the Actions column.

Select the number of days after the 'trigger' the email should be sent.  The triggers are:

  • Purchasing a Membership (for a Member)
  • Purchasing a Membership (for a Guest)
  • Purchasing a Service
  • Adding a Prospect


“What do I do if I want to send the same email more than once at different day counts?”

  • Add New Template
  • Copy and paste the email to create a new template, mark it -2
  • Set the new date and trigger


  • Set drip details for -New Member Welcome to- 1 day after new membership is open.
  • Next, copy and paste the same email message into a new template called- New Member Welcome- 2 and set it to go out 7 days after new membership is open.
  • This way they will get the email reminder 1 day after their membership is opened and then again 7 days after it is opened.
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