Admin Security Setting - Max Discount

 Admin Security Setting - Max Discount

For the Admin Security setting; Max Discount – you need to check off the box and select the max discount, HOWEVER for the change to be effective to the Admin you are applying to they must log-off of the system then back in.



  1. Find User
  2. View Administrator
  3. Enter last name starts with, making sure that the USER STATUS is set how you need it and click on search
  4. From the Action Column click on Security
  5. Expand Functions
  6. Expand POS
  7. if turning this feature on make sure the box is off, and select the Max discount percentage the admin can apply at POS.
  8. Have admin log-off of Shape if they are currently logged in, then sign back into the Shape System.

The Max discount that you applied in the security will be the Max that will populate at POS for the administrator that is assigned to this template.


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