Trainer payroll- Trainer paid per attendee, the rate per head changes

How to set up trainer payroll when the trainer is paid per attendee, but the rate per head changes.

1. Set up the class
    function, clasess, add classes- complete form- type Group training
    A. Class sub type is Group Training
    B. Also check the box to apply class charge to trainer payroll
2. Set up trainer payroll in the trainers profile
     functions, users , add user- type- trainer- complete the form
     A. Complete Class payroll  by selecting
          a. Class count basis= Session
          b. Class rate type= Currency
          c. Class rate= $20.00
      B. Complete the  One -on-One Sessions and Group Training payroll as follows;
          a. count basis = session    
          b. rate type I= currency
          c. rate = 0.00
      C. Complete the rate leveling
           level 2 rate/Count=  $10.00/1
           level 2 rate/count =  $5.00/ 3
In the example the trainer will be paid

$20.00 for the first attendee
$10 for each of the next 2 attendees
$5 for more than 3 attendees

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