How to Create a New Membership Type

Membership Types are created in Functions>>Memberships>>Add Type

Membership Type ID: 

  • This is the membership name 
  • Unique Field 10 characters long, no spaces or special characters (i.e., !@#$%)
  • Cannot be changed or updated after initial save. 
  • Admins will see this when viewing memberships 

Display Name:

  • A short description or name for the membership type
  • Admins and Prospects will see this name when selecting a type to purchase


  • A longer field to describe the membership type up to 250 characters
  • Membership ID and First 50 characters of description display on the Purchase Box

Payment Frequency:

How often will the member pay

  • Paid In Full, Monthly, Annually, Bi-Weekly
  • Pay Each Month Term – you will add a term length and the membership will pay each month for the chosen length
  • Pay Each Month No Term the member will pay each month with no end date until the member cancels 

Amount Per Payment Cycle:
Enter the amount the member will pay per cycle.

  • Paid in Full - enter the full amount based on term length. 
  • Pay per month - enter the amount member will pay per month 

Term In Months:

  • This is the length of the membership in months regardless of the payment frequency

Term In Days:

  • This would be used if the membership length were more or less than a month. Example 7 days
  • The system will add these month+days together if you populate both fields so typically one or the other is used

Initiation Fee:

  • Any up front or processing fees at time of membership purchase.
  • Commonly know as enrollment, start up or processing fees
  • Can be discounted or overridden at time of purchase

Sub Type:

  • Primary, Secondary (used to link to a Primary membership), Tertiary 
  • Punch Card (used to create a membership that is based on a number of visits) 


  • This will color code the types for Salesperson as purchase is being made.
  • You may run specials – and make them a high priority 
  • Use to put your must lucrative as high priority
  • Most popular as high priority
  • If you are running a special you would set that type to Highest

Product Category:

  • Added and managed from - system Tools - System Settings - Field Definitions - Membership Categories 
  • Organizes the purchase process
  • Provides Summary reports on product category
  • Are specific to just memberships

Income Category:

  • Added and managed from - Tools - System Settings - Field Definitions - Income Categories 
  • This is used organize your types for financial reporting
  • Cross revenue streams Memberships, services and POS items
  • Member Can Renew Online: 
  • Set to Yes/No if want members to have ability to renew membership on the member portal
  • Set to No for no term memberships and auto rolls 
  • Non-Member Can Purchase Online: 
  • Set to Yes/No if you want non-members the ability to purchase this membership on the member portal

Apply Primary Tax:

  • Set to yes if taxes are to be applied at time of purchase 
  • Set to No if taxes are not required
  • System Settings need to be adjusted to the proper tax rate
  • Tools – System Settings – Tax Rates click to edit

Apply Secondary Tax:

  • Applies a second tax atop of the primary tax at time of purchase when checked

Apply Tertiary Tax:

  • Applies a tertiary tax atop the primary/secondary tax at time of purchase
  • Suggested to be used for tanning tax where applicable

Access Control Group:

  • Used to Control Access Times/Limits for checkin to facility
  • Provide different memberships types with different access permissions
  • Multi-club access management
  • Used with Brivo entry system

Primary Commission Code:

  • Used for Sales Commissions at the time of the membership purchase. 
  • Unique codes can be set for each membership type
  • Codes also need to be set individually in Sales Person profile

Secondary Commission Code:

  • If this is set to a value the code will be added atop to the commission at the time of purchase. 

Do Not Generate Commission:

  • Enable if Commissions will not be generated

Default Include First and Last Payment in First Payment:

  • Enable if the first and last month payment is required at time of membership purchase

Require Rollover for Purchase:

  • Enable if a roll over membership is required for a Term membership at time of purchase.
  • Please note this will be disabled if Non-Members can purchase online is enabled
  • If you do not want require a rollover the box can be left unchecked

Default Rollover Membership Type:

  • If Require Rollover is enabled a No Term Membership must be selected

Scheduled Extra Membership Charges

  • Extra Charge Frequency: This is used to set Extra Charges frequency for the membership type
  • Extra Charge Type: This is the type of extra charge set in the membership type
  • Extra Charge Amount: This is the amount to be charge and set as a scheduled payment
  • Extra Charge Date: This can be set to specific date for annual fees to be charged each year on that date or it can be set to the same start date as the membership start date

Additional Service Fees:

  • These will be billed at the same frequency of the membership. 
  • The display name can be updated or changed for the system in Tools – System Settings – Membership Fee Names click to edit.
  • The membership service fees can be added or removed at the purchase or after a membership is opened.
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