Checkin Methods

  • Key tags
  • Key pad
  • Optical Scanner
  • Bio Scanner
  • RFID

Please Note** Checkin Options - If you would like your system to auto-DONE your Members sessions when they check-in, please submit a Support Ticket 

If Members are on the Schedule Matrix, either registered for a Class or one-on-one training.  Their session will be marked as DONE and session depleted upon Checkin.  The DONE action is time managed.  You can request an interval to set for the checkin to mark the session DONE 15 minutes before or 15 after the class begins, for example.  

New Checkin Screen

Tools, System Settings, Checkin Settings

  • To Use Original Checkin Screen, leave the box unchecked
  • To Use New Checkin Screen check the box
    • Select from the 6 info box options to customize the checkin display for your system.
    • Browser View - Zoom can be used to control how the Checkin screen displays
    • Screen properties will also effect the display

Original Check in screen




New Check in screen



Member Checkin

  1. Functions, Checkin, Checkin
  2. Client executes checkin
  3. Client's Checkin screen pops, or invalid checkin message
  4. If a member forgets their ID, use the Search option

To Search

  1. Functions, Checkin, Search
  2. Enter FIRSTNAME, LASTNAME or ID, click Search
  3. From actions column, click Apply Check-in

Background Checkin

Background Checkin – Tray Version

  • The technical staff can configure your scanner and your shape system to continually capture check-ins while the system and computer are being utilized for other things.
  • The Standard background check in screen is no longer used with the same scanner once the scanner is configured for Background checkin.
  • This program only works with a Windows PC.
  • Both ShapeNet available Metrologic scanners will run with background check-in.
  • Once the technical staff has configured your scanner for background checkin, the typical checkin nor POS cannot execute with the reprogrammed scanner.

The Pin Pad can run with background check in.

Fingerprint scanner CAN NOT run background checkin.


Screen that pops with background checkin - Standard

Are accompanied with an audio alert.

Green – “Welcome”

Yellow – “Alert – please see front desk”

Red – “Access Denied”


Screen that pops with background checkin - Enhanced

Multi-Facility Checkin

Detailed information on setting up and synching multiple systems for unified check-in


  1. Base system – the facility chosen to house the list of clients and their swipe cards in all of the connected systems
  2. Home system – the primary system of a member.
  3. Satellite System – any facility for a member that is not their Home system

Check in process

  1. When a client checks in to a Satellite System, the system checks the Base Systems master table to get the clients Home system
  2. The system then sends swipe information to the clients Home system and the home systems records (if good) and sends back the results – just like the Background Check-in Process.
  3. When a client checks in to their home system, they are routed to the normal check-in screen for that facility.

Employee/Trainer Checkin

  1. Administrator Logs into Shape.Net
  2. Click Checkin Quick Link, or Functions, Checkin, Checkin
  3. Employee checks in    
    • Keytag scan    
    • Types Code
    • Finger scan    
    • Use Search to type in last name, and Click on Apply Checkin 

Employee Checkout Steps 1-4 above (at least 15 minutes after checking in)

Trainers do not have Checkout or timecards available.  See Trainer Payroll 

Tracking Employee Hours Reports, Stat/Misc., Employee Hours Tracking

To update employee time card Reports, Misc/Stat, Employee hour tracking

To add a date 

  1. Reports, Misc/Stat, Employee hour tracking
  2. Click on employee name
  3. click Add Checkin Date
  4. Enter date/time
  5. Click Add Checkin

To edit a time or add a check out

  1. Reports, Misc/Stat, Employee hour tracking
  2. Click on employee name
  3. Click Edit to the left of the Checkin Date
  4. Enter the new time
  5. Click Update. 

To delete a checkin date 

  1. Reports, Misc/Stat, Employee hour tracking
  2. Click on employee name
  3. Click the Trash Bin to the left of the Checkin Date

To view trainer’s checked in

Functions, Checkin, Checkin Activity

Query on one of the following depending on the data you are looking for;

  1. Use a Trainer Query
  2. Use custom query  - user type = Trainer, and any other criteria
  3. Click Search











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