Adding and Editing Trainers


Add Trainer - Functions, Users, Add User (or Add User Quick Link)

Enter user type Trainer to put your trainers in the system, and use all the various payroll configuration available for tracking Trainer payroll.

Set Trainer settings

Tools, System Setting, User Settings, and Trainer Settings

Add User Form - Trainer

  • User Type = trainer
  • Trainer Category = select best fit. 
  • Enter First Name and Last Name (lastname-firstname will be their login)
  • Card ID, only add if they don't have a CardID for another role, and you want them to Checkin to acknowledge their presence. To track payroll based on arrival and departure, add the trainer as an employee as well. 
  • Load image
  • Complete miscellaneous items
    Note: Trainer's Google account. Only if synching with Google Calendar
  • Check box to display trainer availability on line.
  • Address
  • Phones
  • Emergency contact information
  • Email, recommended so they can reset their own password.
  • Enter any additional information you might require

 Click Save  

 Complete the Trainer payroll section Common configurations

Edit Trainer

Functions, Users, View Trainers

Access Control - Login/Password

Details - Edit Details

Security - Adjust Security Settings

Delete - remove from system. Suggestion:  Edit Details, change Status to Inactive


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