Adding/editing Prospects

In ShapeNet a Prospect is a user type considered to be a person to whom you are marketing. They do not own a service or membership. They cannot check in because they are not an active user. They can be marketed to via email, SMS text, telephone, or mail. Depending on the information has been entered.  They can be converted to guest or to a member by an administrator.Once a Membership or Service has been purchased they are automatically converted to an active member. 

  1. Functions
  2. users
  3. Add users

• User type = prospect
• Enter first and last name
• Select how the guest was referred
You can add referrals by selecting ‘add new’ at the bottom of the drop down box.  This will help drive future marketing efforts.
• Choose gender
• Select the primary goal (tools, field definitions)

• Add initial point of contact( tools, filed definitions)



• Enter the Prospects' address

• Enter home, work, and cell phone numbers
• Enter emergency contact information
• Add the propsects' email
Note that multiple email addresses can be entered by placing “;” between each email address.
• Check the box for enable SMS alerts if the member would like to receive text messages from your facility
• Fields are provided for your convenience
• You may enter birthday, company name, and occupation

• Enter any appropriate notes in the open text field

Click Save

Convert Guest or Prospect to Member
1.Find User
2.Look up the prospect or Guest from Action
3.Click on Convert to Member

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