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How to Add a User: Member

  1. Functions-
  2. Users
  3. Add users

General complete form
• User type = member
• Enter first and last name
• Enter a referred by item
This will assist with future marketing efforts.
• Choose gender
• Choose member type
• Choose primary goal
• Select a purchase package
Purchase package is an option that should be used once you’re comfortable with the system.
• Card ID: enter the card ID card number on the card you are giving the client
 If you’re not assigning a card at this time, it’s probably best not to sign the client.  Auto generate card ID can be used for sequential assignment of card ID numbers.
• To load an image click on [choose file], navigate to the saved image on your local computer; click [load image]
 No need to save the image on the local computer once it has been uploaded.

• Enter the member’s address

• Enter the member’s home, work, and cell phone numbers
• Enter emergency contact information
• Add the member’s email
Note that multiple email addresses can be entered by placing “;” between each email address.
• Check the box for enable SMS alerts if the member would like to receive text messages from your facility
• Choose the member’s cell phone provider
If a cell phone provider is not available in the drop-down list, please submit a support ticket which includes the name of the provider and their web page.  A cell phone provider is necessary in order to route the text messages to your client’s phone without incurring any additional charges.

• Fields are provided for your convenience
• You may enter birthday, company name, and occupation
• You may assign locker numbers, track social security numbers, drivers license, and assigned trainer
• Medical notes can be added
• Prime number can be used to manage insurance numbers; using a prime number along with a member type equals possibly an insurance company
In conjunction with a report from reports ->misc/stats -> member check-in details, files can be uploaded and sent to certain insurance companies for reimbursement.
• The sales rep can be assigned
The sales rep assigned here is not credited with any sales, or assigned commissions; the sales rep field in this position will assist in queuing contacts to that particular salesperson.

• Use categories to create check-boxes that will appear on all member forms
These check-boxes can be marked depending on different attributes of the client or their interests.  Categories can be queried from functions-> users-> view members-> Query-> Custom Query-> select category type.


• Enter any appropriate notes in the open text field

Click Save

Many of the fields mentioned above can be used to query from the view members function.  Please see member security next:


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