Adding editing employees

An Employee is any user that needs to punch in and out to generate payroll. They may or may not also be an Administrator. For instance, janitorial staff may walk by the front desk to check in and then go do their job without having to LOG IN to the Shape system.

General- Add User Form

•Change User Type to Employee
•Enter First Name and Last Name
•Enter Card ID, this can be the number of a swipe card they are using to punch in and or a pin or their name
•Load image (not required)

•Enter the Address (not required)
•Enter all necessary phone numbers. (not required)
•Enter emergency contact information (not required)
•Enter Email (not required)

 Pay Rate
•Normal, Holiday, Vacation and Sick rates can all be entered.
•These are unique for each Employee

Once the record is saved you can edit the employee record by selecting the pencil Icon on the top right of the form

Employee Check In

1. go to Functions

2. go to check in

3. The card Id or alphabetic code is typed in and Apply Check-in is pushed.
    Alternatively, a swipe card or finger print is swiped.

4.  Choose “Create New Template” to name your template. IE. Front Desk,  Sales Pro-shop, Child Watch etc.

5. The Check in screen will then denote a check in has occurred.

Employee Reporting
1.Go to report

2. Misc./Stats

3.Employee Hour tracking

  • Chose the date range query. Current Week, Previous Week or custom query.
  • All Employee’s who have punched in during the time period will appear. Their Department and Total Hours are shown.

Drill down into an employee’s detail by clicking on their name.


Check in audit trail

You can check the IP address that your employees checked in from, to make sure it was inside your facility.

1. Go to Reports

2. View audit trail

3. functions- checkin

4. View check- ins and IP address, to be sure it was one of your facility IP addresses.   How to find your IP address (

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