Pay After Sessions

When creating service type, there is the ability set the payment frequency to Pay AFTER Session. This feature create the schedule payment upon the session being marked DONE. There will also be a prompt to take payment at that time. No Show or Late Cancel will also prompt for a charge amount. If the amount due is not paid at that time, a balance will be open on the member's service. It can be collected via EFT, or Quick Pay through the open balance (services) report, and/or an invoice generated from the Open Balance report, or from the service itself. 

When adding the service type, most fields remain the same as the other payment frequency settings.  There are two fields that are important to keep in mind though:

1. The price per session will be the default session price that will be charged when members who own this package complete an appointment.

2. The sessions in service field will no longer be available as there is no reason to set the number of sessions since it is a “pay as you go” service type.


  1. Member is assigned or has "purchased" a Pay AFTER Session service type
  2. Appointment is added to the schedule matrix
  3. Service is provided
  4. Mark the session as DONE
  5. The members information will appear with the session rate* that is set in the session type
  6. 5. There are two choices: Mark Done or Mark Done & Accept Payment

*Note that the session rate can be edited on this screen as well

  • If the session is marked as Done, the session is complete and the member will have an outstanding balance due.
  • If the session is marked as Done & Accept Payment, a message will appear stating that a session charge was successfully applied and to Click Here to continue. In the next screen, a payment can be applied through the normal checkout screen.



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