Adding And Editing Vendors


Adding Vendors

Adding a Vendor - Functions, Users, Add User

Complete form

  • User Type = Vendor
  • First Name and Last Name 
  • Company name (Required)
  • Display name (Required)
  • Address
  • Contact info
  • Custom fields*

*The custom fields section can be used to store any data that does not currently have its own dedicated data field. These fields are system wide and are available to all user types.

Expense Tracking, adding and viewing expenses

Expense Tracking

Add Expense Functions, Expenses Add Expense

  • Select Payee
  • Set Due Date
  • Enter Amount Due
  • Select Category (or Click to Add Category)
  • Enter any applicable notes
  • Click Add Expense 
    • Note: This ONLY tracks money being paid; NO money is ever moved from Shape. 
  • Create AND Apply Payment - only check if payment is being applied at time of entry

View Expenses

  1. Functions, Expenses, View Expenses
  2. Set search criteria, click Search

Expense Reports

  • Reports, Financial, Income vs Expense by Income category
  • Reports, Financial, Income vs Expense by Revenue stream
  • Reports, Financial, Financial Summary Report
  • Reports, Financial, Financial Transaction Report


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