Using Unlimited and No Term Service Types

How do you create a service package with unlimited sessions? 

When creating a service, instead of filling in a session amount, click the Unlimited Sessions box. Once checked, the sessions field is replaced with 9999 and is unable to be edited. 


Unlimited Sessions 

This option is only available when Charge Type is set to one of the following:

  • Sessions
  • Ind.Trn Sess.
  • Trial Sess.

Only the following Auto Close Action options may be selected if this option is used:

  • Close on Due Date or Zero Sessions
  • Roll on Due Date
  • Roll on Due Date or Zero Sess.
  • Roll on Due Date or Zero Sess. w/ Open on 1st
  • Roll on Due Date w/o Admin Login Prompt

Therefore you cannot have an auto-close option of “Close on zero sessions” for a package that has unlimited sessions.  

What is a No Term service?

A No Term service allows you to create a service package with either weekly or monthly payments that rolls with no end date. You can use a No Term service in conjunction with Unlimited Sessions so that a member can have an ongoing, unlimited service package that is active until cancelled. There is NO rollover option necessary with this service.

To create a No Term service, create a service type, selecting the payment frequency of Pay Every Week or Pay Every Month, and checking off the No Term option. 

Upon purchase, 36 scheduled payments are created, and each year another 12 are added. 


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