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A Salesperson is any user that needs to have compensation generated for the sale of something; whether that is a service package, membership or point of sale item. They may or may not also be added as an Administrator user type for log in purposes.

1 Functions
2. Users
3. Add User

General complete form

Change User Type to Salesperson
• Enter First Name and Last Name (Last name-First name will be their admin login)(REQUIRED)
• No Card ID should be entered. If you want to track payroll based on time the  employee will need to be entered as an Employee user type. (see adding an Employee)(not required)
•load image (not required)
•Complete miscellaneous items

 What is required on the Salespersons details page is in system setting (tools, system setting, user settings)
Complete the sales person commission section. Instructions See



 Click Save 

Check the commission paid, change it or change the commission

  1.   Reports
  2.   Financial
  3.   Sales commission tracking

 From here you can query to find transaction/salespeople etc.

 You can go to details or edit in the action column

 EDIT SALES COMISSION allows you to adjust the commission amount ..You are also able to change the sales rep for this commission, but this will not recalculate the commission amount for the new sales rep. You will need to manually adjust the commission amount in this case.

Salesperson Scheduler

  1. Functions
  2. Scheduler
  3. Salesperson Schedule Matrix

See instructions

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