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Create a security template for what the member will see on the Member portal by adjusting the members security. Set the member security once, then all members will be assigned the default settings. Security may also be used to offer an upgraded service, forms and or videos etc., which  can be offered for an additional fee.

 Create a template

  1. Functions
  2. Security
  3. Templates
  4. Select User type-member
  5. Click on create new template
  6. Add a name example- Member portal
  7. Click continue
  8. Assign the security to the template ( check what you want to have your members to see and have access to on the member portal)
  9. Click save
  10. Click continue


 Assign this template to a user

  1.  Find User
  2.  Enter name
  3.  In the Actions column click on "security"
  4.  Select Template ( Click on the drop down and select Member Portal (the template you just created)
  5.  Click "Reset to Template
  6.  Click OK
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