Time cards and payroll reports

Employee Check-in

 1.  Administrator Logs into Shape.Net
 2.  Click Checkin
 3.  Employee checks in
     a. Keytag scan
     b. Finger scan
     c. Use Search to type in last name.
 4.  Click on Apply Check-in

 Note:  If the checkin screen is already displayed they need to just do a, b, and c above.

Employee Checkout

 Steps 1-4 above (at least 15 minutes after checking in)

Tracking Employee Hours

  1.  Reports
  2. Misc/Stat
  3. Employee tracking hours        

To update employee time card

  1. Reports
  2. Misc/stat
  3. Employee hour tracking

To add a date,

  1.  click on employee name
  2.  click Add Checkin Date
  3.  Enter date/time
  4.  Click Add Check

To edit a time or add a check out

  1. Click on employee name
  2. Click Edit to the left of the Checkin Date
  3. Enter the new time, click Update

To delete a checkin date

  1.  Click on the employee name
  2.  Click the delete icon to remove the checkin.

 If the time card is giving you trouble, like the same checkin/checkout times won't update properly, use Delete checkin to remove that date's checkins completely, and start over with Add a Date.

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