Adding and Editing Administrators

An Administrator is any user that needs to log into the Shape system to perform their job.

Adding Administrators 

  1. Functions, Select Users, Select Add User

General Complete form

Set Required Administrator fields at Tools, System Setting, User settings)

  • User Type = Administrator
  • Drop down box and select a group (see admin groups) or choose None
  • First Name and Last Name (lastname-firstname is their admin login) REQUIRED
  • No Card ID should be entered. If you want to track payroll based on time the  employee will need to be entered as an Employee user type. (see adding an Employee)
  • Drop down select security template if created (see Security Templates)
  • Load image, beneficial to quickly identify Admin logged into any given computer
  • Administrator’s Address 
  • Phone numbers
  • Emergency contact information 
  • Enter Email (REQUIRED) Beneficial so Admin can reset their own password.
  • Enter any additional information you might require
  • Click Save        

Edit Administrators

Functions, Users, View Administrators

  • From actions, Edit, Manage Access Control, Adjust Security
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