Using Documents and Contracts in Shape

Document Management

There is a Document Locker available in three areas of the Shape system:

View Members, View Memberships, and View Services

PDF Documents can be auto-filled and stored in the document locker. The documents can be filled with information specific to the member, the members billing, the membership, or the service.

Documents are added from  Functions, Documents, Add Document

Title:  Unique identifier of the document when choosing to sign or view. Can be edited at anytime.
Category: Training, Membership, Other, Reference Material, Letter, or Medical

  • Training – This category is used for any document that needs to pull information specific to a service package that is purchased. For example, start date, term date, number of sessions, package ID, etc. can be pulled onto the contract.
  • Membership – This category is used for any document that needs to pull information specific to a membership that is purchased. For example, start date, term date, monthly rate, initiation fee, etc. can be pulled onto the contract.
  • Other – This category is given to any document that doesn’t pull membership or service information. It can be used for documents that only pull member information, such as name, address, phone number, billing information, etc. This category can be viewed in any document locker. Examples include Liability Waivers and EFT Authorization forms.
  • Reference Material – Used for Virtual Workouts on the member portal. PDF documents are added as reference material and added to the virtual workout.
  • Letter – This category is used to generate letters from the open balances report. This is not a signed contract. Example include Overdue Balance, EFT Declined, and Expired Credit Card letters.
  • Medical – This category is used to store medical documents. Documents stored under this category are not viewable by Shape administrators. HIPPA compliance prevents Shape staff from viewing information.

Client can view when signed: Setting this field to YES allows members to view/download forms on the member portal that have previously been signed.

Client can view unsigned form: Setting this field to YES allows members to view/download unsigned forms. This is useful if you require members to fill out information to bring into the facility.

Online Purchase Waiver/Document: The setting for this field determines whether the document is required for agreement on purchases/renewals.

  • None: Member or non-member will not be forced to agree to this contract for a membership or service purchase on the member portal
  • Membership Purchase: When non-members purchase an initial membership on the member portal, they will be forced to agree to this document.
  • Membership Renewal: Members that renew only will be forced to agree to this document.
  • Service Purchase: Members and non-members will be forced to agree to this document for service purchases.

Required to be signed for Memberships: Setting this field to YES will highlight the document for signature at the end of the membership purchase process. An entry will also be made on the membership checklist for any memberships that are missing this documents signature.

Signature required: Determines if documents require signatures. This field is managed by Shape and should not be changed.

Desc./Instructions: This field typically displays the name of the document and any other instructions that the administrator will need to view when the document is being signed. For example, "Please make sure billing information is complete".


Types of Documents

Auto-Fill Documents

  • Pre-formatted documents – There are 5 types of documents available for use in the system that are already formatted to pull information.  Included forms are: Membership Agreement, Client Training Agreement, Cancellation Policy, and Liability Waiverm and EFT Authorization.
  • Changes to the pre-formatted documents: If edits are necessary, the contracts are available in Word form. Document edit charges will apply to have the documents loaded back into the system.
  • To View Contracts in Word form 
  • Custom documents can also be configured to auto-fill from the system. Documents need to be submitted in Word or PDF format. Scanned PDFs are not usable. 
  • To submit documents for use in the system 


Medical Documents

  • Medical documents can be uploaded and stored in a member's document locker. These types of documents are not viewable by Shape administrators as they include confidential information.
  • To add medical documents to the system 


Using Documents in Shape

  • Documents can be signed if using a signature pad, or agreed to by the client by populating and saving the contract.  
  • Documents are signed or agreed to in View Members, View Services, or View Memberships depending on the type of document that it is.

        To test documents

  • If eSignature or a signature pad is not being used, documents can be saved and printed after they are auto-populated by the system. Once a document is signed, it can be uploaded back into the system. This can also be done for other PDFs that need to be stored for members.




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