Security Templates

Security Templates

 Security templates are used to define the capabilities that specific user types will have when created. First choose the 'User Type'. Then configure the Default template or Create/Select a custom template.

The DEFAULT template is the template that will be used when creating a new user of that type. A custom template, such as FRONT DESK, can be created and used to map capabilities to a user after they are created.

To assign a capability, simply check the box next to the item. It will turn green. To remove an item, simply uncheck it. It will turn red. You must click the Save button to save your changes.

To Use generic security templates for Admins

add User

user type Admin

security template- drop down and select either full security, front desk or default.

complete the add user form and save.

 To create a new template

  1. Functions, Security, Template
    2. Drop down to Administrator, member, or trainer as applicable
     3. Click Create New Template
     4. Add template name
     5. Click Continue
     6. Drop down to Administrator, member, trainer as applicable
     7. Drop down to the template name created in #4 above
     8. Set up template's security settings
     9. Save

To assign to a specific Administrator

  1. Find User
    2. Locate admin
     3. From Actions, click Security
     4. From Select Template drop down, choose the template to be applied
     5. Click Reset to Template
     6. Click Save

 To assign a specific Security Template to a Admin Group

 Functions, User, Find User
 1. User Type=Administrator
 2. Admin Group= Back office, Front Office, etc.
 3. Search
 4. Select the 4th Icon on the right (looks like a lock)
 5. Select the template from the drop down
 6. Select Reset to Template

Member security- What members have access to.
1.Functions, security, template-Select User Type: [Member]
2.Uncheck any capabilities you do not want your members to have access to
3.Click [Save]
4.Next, go to Functions-> Users-> View Members
5.Search all [Active] members
6.Above the member list click [Reset Security to Template]
7.Choose [Default] template, and click [Reset to Template]


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