Child Watch

Using the Childwatch Feature when children ARE NOT Members

Mother -> Carter-Beyonce

Father -> Carter-Shawn

Blue Ivy is the child but not a Member

I.  Adding Child to Childwatch

  1. Functions -> Childwatch -> Add Child;
  2. Enter Primary Parent's Last Name and Search;
  3. Click on the link 'Add Child';
  4. Enter the Child's name, Birthdate, Barcode (this barcode has to be unique but can be a combination of the Parent's barcode + child's initials, the child's name + birthdate etc.  Something easily remembered for checkin);
  5. Select an Alert level to alert employees of any allergies or other important information;
  6. Enter a Secondary Parent, if needed;
  7. Enter the Alert reason into Notes;
  8. Add an image
  9. Click Add Child



II. Checking the Child into Childwatch


  1. Functions -> Childwatch -> Checkin;
  2. Enter the Child's barcode and click 'Apply Checkin'



III. Reports


  1. Functions -> Childwatch -> Child List.  This is the list of children currently checked into Childwatch.


**The Checkout can be processed from this list.  Click the link for 'Process Check 'Out'.


    2.  Functions -> Childwatch -> Check-in Activity.  Use this report for Check-in Activity in Childwatch.  The report will display the duration for the child for billing purposes.  This report can be downloaded to Excel.


Options for Selling Child Watch

  1. Create a Service Type for the child watch program to be purchased by the parent. Create a class and a trainer named Child Watch, add the child to the class, and at the end of the night make sure the class is marked as "done" so the session is deducted.
  2. Create a Membership Type and add a service fee to be charged to the membership for the child watch.
  3. Create a Membership Type and in the rate include the rate for child watch to the membership type rate.
  4. Create a Point Of Sale (POS) item to charge for child watch
  5. Create a Membership Punch Card - need to be checked in and then checked in again for child watch






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