Term, No Term, Roll, Renewal, and Extend

Term Membership

Will expire which is determined by the Membership Type’s Term Length in Months or Days dependent on the memberships start date.

No Term Membership

Will continue scheduled payments at the defined rate and frequency without termination until it is manually cancelled by an administrator.


When a membership with a term date is renewed it will renew with the current member’s membership. The renewed start date will be the term date of the currently owned membership.  For example, the current membership (24 month) is set to expire on 4/4/2016, when renewed the start date of the membership will be on 4/4/2016.

At the renewal the ability to also upgrade or downgrade the currently owned membership once termed is an option.

A No Term Membership would not have the ability to renew since it does not have an end date.


Will add months to a membership that is not otherwise engaged in rolling or hasn't already been renewed. Choose Extend from Actions, use the drop down to indicate number of months, and the price, enter reason, click Extend Membership

Membership Roll

A membership that has a term date can also roll into a new membership once the current membership expires.  Membership roll may be managed from the Member’s Membership, by Membership Type definition or during the Membership Purchase

Member’s Membership – from Actions use Adjust, select a rollover, document reason, Save

Membership type – from Membership type, select a rollover Membership Type

At Membership Purchase – use override values to select or change.

A No Term Membership would not have the ability to roll since it does not have a term date.

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