Membership Service Fees

Membership Service Fees can be use to charge an extra monthly fee on top of the monthly rate.  Fees are charged at the same frequency as the rate of the membership. For example, these fees can be used to charge a locker fee, tanning fee, child care fee, etc. Don’t confuse these fees with a service package. These fees will not allow a member to be added onto the schedule matrix. To easily add this fee to a membership, use the following steps:

Creating and Managing Membership Service Fees

Tools, System Settings, Membership Fee Settings

Within this screen you have the ability to add up to three membership fees. Simply add the name of the fee, assign an income category, and check whether or not the fee is taxable.

Adding Membership Service Fees to a Membership Type

Functions, Membership, Add or View Type

Service Fee fields will be available and the rate can be added.

Adding/Removing Membership Service Fee while purchasing membership

An override during purchase will allow fees to be added or removed.

  1. After selecting the desired membership type, click Override Values
  2. Scroll to the additional services section
  3. To enter service fee amount , enter a rate
  4. Check Exclude Service to remove the Service Fee

To add or remove membership service fees to existing memberships

  1. Locate Membership
  2. From actions, click Services
  3. Click Edit to the right of the service fee to make changes
  4. Click Remove Service to clear the amount
  5. Enter a reason and Save
  6. To confirm that service fees have been updated, review future scheduled payments
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