Membership Action Links - Shortcuts to other system features

From the Actions column of View Memberships, there are links that will allow you to view other areas of the system.

Check-In History

Opens the Checkin Activity List for the member

Contact History

Opens the Contact History screen to view contact information and history of past contact attempts.

Document Locker

Opens the Document Locker, where existing membership documents can be viewed for the member or new documents can be signed


Opens the Financial Transactions List for the member, defaulting to the current year

Log Contact

Opens the Log Contact Event screen, where a new contact event can be added for the member

Member Details

Opens the Member Details window, where edits can be made to the member information, such as address, email, billing information updates, etc.


Opens the View Services screen and shows any existing service packages for the member


Opens the Purchase Transaction List that will display any point of sale purchase for the member

Send Email

Opens the Compose Email Message screen where an email can be created for the member

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