How can I Manage Additional Fees on Memberships

Managing additional fees

Ways to add a Charge to a Membership

A charge can be added to a membership in several ways. Adding an annual, semiannual or facilities charges is an excellent way to increase revenue, or to cover unforeseen expenses that may arise like an unexpected new equipment purchase.

From view membership, in the action column click scheduled payments,

  1. select the appropriate payment number,
  2. In the actions column click add payment, add the amount and reason,
  3. click add charge. Example: late charge or towel fee.

From view memberships, select the member, in the client’s actions column

  1. Select adjust membership. Click the pencil icon on top, and complete the form.
  2. From here you can charge an initiation fee, extra charges, facility fee, etc.
  3. Enter start date and end date, amount of fee charge, frequency, and extra charge date. This will allow you easily add a recurring membership fee. Check your scheduled payments when completed.

An additional charge may be added during the purchase process also.

From the functions menu or quick link

  1. Select purchase membership, search for the client’s name,
  2. Purchase or reopen membership. When completing the form select override values, form here you can select a new membership or make changes including, adding initiation fee, or various extra charges. Complete the form as needed, click recalculate at the bottom of the page.

Add charge to a membership type

To add a charge or initiation fee to a membership type ( meaning clients who purchase this type will incur the charge unless, removed or changed in the above steps) From the add membership type form, complete as appropriate and add the imitation fee or further down the form, scheduled extra membership charge. Click Add at the bottom of the page.

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