Membership Actions

 Membership Actions are found under Quick Functions >> View Memberships or Functions >> Memberships >> View Memberships.  Pull up the member  you wish to view and choose Membership Actions on the left.

Add a Charge to a scheduled payment

  1. While viewing member’s membership, from Actions Column click Add Charge
  2. Click on Add Charge adjacent to the current payment
  3. Enter Charge Amount
  4. Select (or Add New) Charge Type
  5. Enter reason

Add Charge with unique Scheduled Payment date

  1. While viewing member’s membership, from Actions Column click Scheduled Payments or Add Charge
  2. Click Add New Scheduled Payment (upper right of scheduled payment table)
  3. Enter Due date
  4. Enter Charge Amount
  5. Enter Charge type
  6. Enter Reason
  7. Select Charge Type (to add charge type see Add a charge to a scheduled payment, item #4)
  8. Enter reason
  9. Click Add Schedule Payment

To Adjust a member’s Membership

  1. While viewing a member’s membership Click Adjust from Actions
  2. Many variables can be adjusted, see list of some below
  3. After making the change
  4. Enter a Reason
  5. Click Save
    • Start date
    • Term date
    • Period rate
    • Initiation fee
    • Access control group
    • Rollover membership type
    • Rollover billing date of the month
    • Override rollover period rate.
    • The ability to update Scheduled Extra Membership Charges
    • Extra charge frequency
    • Extra charge type
    • Extra charge amount
    • Extra charge date both month and day.

Cancel Membership

  1. While viewing a member’s membership from Actions click Cancel
  2. Clear Balance is displayed (Yes/No, this will clear the remaining balance and the open balance)
  3. Enter a Reason
  4. Click on Cancel Membership
  5. To confirm, review Scheduled Payments

Freeze Membership

There are Three ways to Freeze

  • Extend term date only, (length of freeze) keep payments on the same date (more like a membership is being “financed” and due date is a due date).
  • Extend term date, make payments between freeze dates 0.
  • Extend term date, update payments between freeze dates to a dollar value.

Steps to Freeze

  1. Enter the start and the end date.
  2. Add Period Rate
  3. Set option to Freeze Add-ons by checking box
  4. Enter Reason
  5. Click Freeze

Period Rate options

  • ZERO if monthly payments are to be 0.
  • A Value if monthly payments are to be changed during the Freeze.
  • Leave Blank to maintain scheduled payments*

*To maintain scheduled payments in addition to leaving the period rate blank check the box labeled "Retain Sched Payment Dates at Unfreeze"

Group Invoice

This will generate invoices for the Primary and Secondary, and Tertiary Memberships associated with the Primary Membership.

  1. Use Dropdown to select preferred invoice method. (all, paper, email)
  2. Choose from the two options, Paper Batch, and Email Batch.
  3. Accept those selected, or edit each to add or remove individual (edit, check/uncheck, save). Or make use of the Include All, or Exclude All options.
  4. Add Notes to be included on all of your invoices (optional)
  5. List Scheduled Payment Dates through - select date
  6. When the settings are just right, click or Generate Invoices for Printing
  7. In the Actions Column click on Edit - you have the ability to check the box to Include in Paper Batch, and for Include in Email Batch
  8. Once you make your selections in the Actions Column you can either Save or Cancel

Membership History
While viewing the members membership in the Actions Column, click History to provide an audit of the changes, payments and edits to the Membership. Financial Transaction IDs will also be listed here - they are clickable and will take you right to the financial transaction screen.


  1. While viewing a member’s membership in the Actions Column click Invoice
  2. Select preferred invoice method from Drop Down
  3. Choose from the Two options, Paper Batch, and Email Batch. 
  4. Optional: List Scheduled Payment Dates through - select the date
  5. Optional: Add Notes to be included on all of your invoices (optional)


Click Generate Invoices

Membership Payments

1. While viewing a member’s membership in the Actions, click Payments
2. Enter amount of payment, click Continue
3. POS checkout screen - process payment choosing the tender in step 3

Membership Reset

Note, Only Manager should have this option. By using the Reset you will delete everything including all financial transactions associated with this membership, and history. It will be as if this membership NEVER existed. If there is a chance that we can recover this information if this was done in error there will be a charge. Typical uses include a test member being removed, a member that was added in error and no payments were taken. Please contact support before doing a reset if you are unsure if it is the right choice.

1. While viewing a member’s membership from the Actions, click Reset
2. Check Box to delete all Financial Transactions associated with this membership (this will remove this information FOREVER)
3. Must enter a reason
4. Click Reset Membership
Membership Reverse Payment
1. While viewing a member’s membership from the Actions, click Reverse Payment
2. Enter the Reversal Amount
3. Reverse payment using the ORIGINAL PAYMENT TYPE. If cash was used or CC select this for your Payment Type than hit Reverse payment from the Actions column and choose cash as the payment type.
4. Click Submit

Membership Scheduled Payments

1. While viewing a member’s membership from the Actions, click Scheduled Payments
From here you can Add a Schedule Payment, Edit, Invoice, Add a Charge or Delete a Scheduled Payment

To add a Scheduled Payment
A. Enter the date of the scheduled payment
B. Enter the amt of the scheduled payment
C. Enter a reason for the scheduled payment
E. Click Add Payments

Membership Services

This screen allows you to add, edit, or remove services that are attached to memberships. Services are set up under Tools >> System Settings >> Membership Fee Settings. These are separate from service types and are used for add-ons to a membership that do not need to be scheduled. For example: child care, towel fee, locker fee, etc. These fields are customizeable.

1. While viewing a member’s membership from the Actions Column click Edit Service
3. Next, click Edit to the left of the service fee
4. Enter the service fee period rate
5. Enter a reason and Save
6. Confirm service fee has been added onto membership payments; go to the client’s Scheduled Payments

Simple Add On's

1. While viewing a member’s membership from the Action column, click Simple Add Ons
To the left side you will see a pink box with all available add ons. Locate the name and click on it, in the middle of the 2 boxes you will click on the right arrow to add the add on to this membership. If you wish to remove an add on which will be listed in the green box to the right, click on the name then click on the left arrow this will remove the simple add on. This feature is used to allow members to share a membership. There is only one membership - the add-ons do not have their own membership. If you wish to have separate memberships, use the secondary membership option.

Membership Upgrade/Downgrade

1. While viewing a member’s membership from the Action Column click on Upgrade/Downgrade
2. Click Select Membership Type
3. Select the package type client is switching to by clicking on the box
4. Take note of the "Start Date" and set as needed or leave as is if needed (The start date will be set to the next bill date the client currently has if they have an active package and do not have an open balance, or today's date if the clients has an open balance.)
5. Enter info in any other field necessary or (then)
6. Click Upgrade / Downgrade or Recalculate if amounts have been changed.
At this point you can have the client sign a new contract, or make first payment, other actions.

Validate Membership

1. While viewing a member’s membership from the Actions, click Validate Membership
This will give you the membership details and you can then use the check boxes to signify if any information is missing such as:
Billing Account Owner Signature on File
Copy of ID on File
Copy of Billing Account on File

Notes can also be added

2. Click Save

View Parent/Secondaries

1. While viewing a member’s membership from the Actions, click View Secondaries or View Parent
If there is a Secondary Membership added to the Primary their Membership details will show here.

If you are viewing a secondary membership, the option will change to View Parent and you and switch to the view of the primary member.

Extend Membership
Used for a membership that has a Term date
1. While viewing member’s membership from the Actions, click Extend
2. From the dropdown select the number of extended periods that you want to give to this membership
3. If necessary update the rate per period
4. Enter a reason
5. Click Extend Membership

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